The new face of Sydney.

Barangaroo is Sydney’s newest destination. It’s a thriving business centre, a beautiful reserve and soon, it’ll be a hub for cultural and community engagement. Thousands consider it their place of work and millions more visit every year. It’s truly coming to life.

Barangaroo has an incredible story: its history, its architecture, its food culture – and the life of the woman it’s named after. Everything about the place reflects its incredible past and looks to the future.

For us, it’s an initiative to ‘inspire originality’ – and it’s this idea that sparked the evolution of the Barangaroo brand identity. And their claim for community leadership.

We gave the Barangaroo logo a new life: a refreshed and simplified colour palette, a new imagery style, language and typography. The brand refresh enhances Barangaroo as a destination – a place to work and a place to explore.