Bringing a great story to life.

Beekist’s bumblebees naturally pollinate their tomatoes and other covered crops.

They work all day in the glasshouses and return back to their hives at night. And the growers are just as dedicated, cultivating the best produce by hand with minimal interference.

It’s already a great story. But it’s one that needed to be brought to life. So we developed a brand that communicated round-the-clock care. And to highlight this engaging relationship, we created the tagline, ‘Grown by people. Pollinated by bees.’

Beekist’s brand, product category, and variety needed to be easily identifiable on the shelf, while also looking flavoursome and natural. We captured this through lovable bee illustrations and bold handwriting. Plus, the brown-paper packaging and blackboard accents allow the produce to do the talking – adding that strong farmer’s market flavour.

The brand has carved out a market leading position in the covered crops category, rolling out across Foodstuff’s stores nationwide, exhibiting at Taste of Auckland, and at export shows.