The future of fibre

Alongside rolling out ultra-fast broadband to 87% of the country, Chorus have been working tirelessly to ensure New Zealand is always at the forefront of fibre technology. One of their newest innovations is Hyperfibre; the next generation of fibre. Hyperfibre has the power, speed and potential to change the way we live, work, play and connect. Pretty big stuff! Chorus had the technical elements of the new product ready, and came to us with the challenge of creating the visual identity. This identity needed to encapsulate key features and benefits, sit within the Chorus brand, and be a standalone identity for retail service providers to on sell. Not only that, but the launch was only a few weeks away!

We worked sprint-style, trialing typography, symbols and shapes that represented speed, reliability, performance, innovation and aspiration. It needed to be strong and simple. We looked outside of category to high-performance sports brands and space tech innovations for our inspiration — aiming to create an identity that would stand out on the international stage (of the future). The final execution included a beautifully crafted wordmark and a dynamic, animated light backdrop as the lead visual, incorporating an aspect of the Chorus colour palette.

We collaborated with three other agencies (digital, media and video animation) to ensure everything was ready for launch, including designing the website, creating the logo animation and key assets. In November Hyperfibre launched, with retail service providers and media attending exclusive events in Auckland. The technology is now being rolled out across across the country, and, with the help of an identity that represents the future of fibre, it will truly change New Zealand’s digital capability.

Hyperfibre website
Hyperfibre street posters
Hyperfibre website
Hyperfibre brand banners
Hyperfibre brand assets
Hyperfibre launch event