Achieving the unachievable. is a company that provides answers to life’s biggest health questions. Our role was to create a strong, accessible brand to help engage clinicians and their patients in this service. But one that remained warm and human.

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research were taking genomic medicine out of research and into the hands of clinicians and their patients. We worked together to develop the brand strategy, naming and identity for this new brand: Genome.One.

We immersed ourselves in the world of genomics. We talked to geneticists, clinicians, scientists and researchers. We heard about the impacts of genomic sequencing and learnt about the tech and the teams that will bring it to the public. Genome.One will change how illness and disease is diagnosed and treated: It’s the catalyst for improved diagnosis rates, tailored treatment plans, and changed patient outcomes. These transformative qualities of the brand inspired our approach: by combining data with insight, intelligence with simplicity, and analysis with empathy, Genome.One will positively impact lives, one-by-one, globally.

The impacts of Genome.One led us to the brand idea ‘Our Future. Transformed.’. This inspired the new name and identity: An identity that at once feels commanding and welcoming, medical and human, serious and hopeful, a living representation of Genome.One.