Bring on the flavour saviour.

It’s time to shine the spotlight on the humble mushroom. The little fungus that packs flavour and culinary pizzazz into everyday cooking. As it turns out, many households across Australia were missing out on the benefits of the marvellous mushrooms. We were ready to help change that.

Our team worked closely with Costa to craft a strategy that gives mushrooms the status they deserve – and highlights how they can benefit shoppers in unexpected ways. The first step was nailing down a unique name and personality that could stand out and command attention in an otherwise brandless corner of our supermarkets. From there, we got busy bringing to the heroic nature of the brand to life – through visual identity, custom packaging, point-of-sale collateral and product titles that covered a huge range of naming territories.

And so, Mush-boom was born, ready to rescue meals from boring and get mushrooms back on shopping lists. The wonderful little fungus (with bags of personality) was on a mission to prove that plant-based eating is not only healthy and flavour-packed—but fun, easy and affordable too.