Giving a legacy brand a fresh edge.

New Zealand’s leading commercial law firm, Russell McVeagh, operates at the cutting edge of legal practice.

But being founded in 1863, it had a legacy brand that didn’t reflect its contemporary nature. We were engaged to address a lag in perception about the business.

The project was highly consultative, involving teams from Auckland and Wellington offices, and led by a steering committee comprised of board members, partnership, and senior management. We found that staff and market insights re-affirmed the firm’s commitment to evolve with the times and the needs of its clients.

Visually, the firm was synonymous with its black logo. However, the strength and stature of the firm was tempered with collegiality, fresh thinking, energy, and collaboration. By facilitating an insight-mining, brand strategy, and internal engagement process with staff, we helped define its new brand strategy.

The public face of this is now a brand identity with a modern, fresh look. It balances the strength and stature of the firm, while repositioning it as a modern and confident contester.