Inviting a new generation to experience the world’s most moving music.

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra attracts a highly devoted yet aging community of supporters. In a city overflowing with contemporary culture, the classical music artform has struggled to cut through with younger audiences, whose support is critical to the orchestra’s future prosperity. A new leadership team had begun to boldly reimagine the future concert calendar (well before the pandemic struck). A parallel breakthrough was needed in the orchestra’s positioning and identity, to cast classical music in a totally fresh and 21st Century light.

Capturing the incomparable emotional punch of classical music

Both the orchestra’s musicians and its most passionate fans share an understanding of the incomparable emotional impact of classical music, when it’s experienced up-close. A feeling that many young and culturally-engaged people are yet to experience for themselves. This insight led us to a fresh creative territory ‘Feel more’, that seeks to consistently underline the idea that classical music, played by world-class musicians, has the power to move us all.

We created a new identity that embodies the ‘Feel more’ idea by making the brand’s ideas move and vibrate. By describing the orchestra’s music, its composers and musicians in a much more intriguing and emotionally evocative way. And by bringing a contemporary informality to the company that reflects our rapidly changing times.