Time to shout (dance and sing) from the rooftops

TAFT (Taranaki Arts Festival Trust) was set up in 1991 to run the Taranaki International Festival of the Arts.

Since then, it’s brought Womad to New Plymouth, as well as hosting the Powerco Taranaki Garden Spectacular, Tropfest (short film festival), Kinetika (kinetic arts festival), and The Right Royal Cabaret Festival.

But for all intents and purposes TAFT was invisible to the public. It was time to give it a high-profile face and a voice to tell Taranaki’s people (and the outside world) what a crucial role it plays.

We worked with the TAFT team to define a brand strategy and story. We then evolved the brand’s identity and messaging.

Further strategy work followed when we helped define a new brand architecture for the Taranaki Arts Festival when it was split into four distinct events run over a two year cycle.