T&G Global is one of New Zealand’s iconic brands. It’s been an integral part of our country’s fresh fruit and vegetable sector for over 120 years. Today, it grows and partners with passionate growers around the world to produce, market and sell premium fresh produce to Kiwis and consumers everywhere.

In May 2020, T&G acquired Freshmax New Zealand’s domestic business, a major competitor. This exciting merger, combined with a re-energised vision to radically innovate New Zealand’s fruit and veggie supply chain infrastructure, has seen the birth of T&G Fresh. T&G Fresh is the New Zealand arm of T&G Global, managing the production, sales and importing of all its fresh produce sold in the country.

We worked with the company to define the new brand strategy and story, confirm the new entity’s name, and develop its new logo (revisiting a favourite of ours). All within a few fast and furious weeks. An exciting project and one with a great purpose — to support T&G’s overall goal of ‘Growing healthier futures through fresh fruit and vegetables’.