Inspiring the Confidence to Act.

It was time to hug the truth. Research showed Westpac as a big, corporate bank: confident, established, solid, and astute.

But the brand projected itself as warm and helpful. They needed to be a bank that would give people the financial confidence to take action.

Our challenge was to design a brand identity system that would express this leadership – that would drive belief internally in the new brand, engaging over 5,000 staff. We had six months to create the identity, disrupt the existing culture, and educate and motivate all employees.

Through workshops, we defined how the ‘Confidence to Act’ promise would be brought to life. Building on a variation of the new external brand design system, an internal platform was developed for staff communications around the launch.

The combination of consultation, launch events and messaging ensured staff buy-in and understanding when the external brand launched. It now resonates confidence, with an injection of life, a broader palette, and stronger core elements.