Making brand a force for positive change

Brands today need to be crystal clear about the value they bring. More than ever, they need to help people achieve their own ambitions – not just deliver on corporate goals.

The brands that thrive make themselves useful. They make complex decisions simple and help people connect to what matters for them.

At Principals our trans-Tasman team has put brands to work to be a trusted force for positive change for 25 years. Our approach combines strategic rigour and contemporary design focused on making your brand the stand-out choice for customers, talent and partners.

Drawing on culture, context and empathy, everything we do is thoughtfully tailored. Not only building a better brand, but also a better business.

To achieve this, we bring expertise and experience. Whether you come to us for strategy, identity, voice, insights, brand experience, service design or internal culture, you’ll find 75 talented specialists working together from our Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne offices who are always hungry for a new challenge.

As the region’s most deeply experienced, independent and partner-owned brand agency, our continued success depends on the strength of the relationships we build across our team. So you’ll find we have the bravery to do things differently, while we always remain on your side.