The greatest minds in marketing have long championed distinctive brand assets but how do marketers and their agency partners effectively deliver coded branding without compromising on impactful storytelling? Charlie Rose asks the question.

We all know a good campaign when we see it. It’s exciting, clever. Different. But clever campaigns don’t always build brand.

Good campaigns often tell an emotive, impactful story full of big images and compelling emotional triggers. After you’ve felt all the feels, the brand’s logo pops up at the end.

It’s a missed opportunity, particularly for a new brand or one that has recently refreshed or renewed its identity. Why settle for just a logo when you could embed a tagline, illustration style or character – it’s the cheapest and fastest way to build brand equity.

The value of distinctive brand assets is well documented with the masters Binet & Field, Ehrenberg Bass and others making it clear why you need strongly branded comms.

But the question of how to effectively deliver coded branding and strike the right balance between brand and emotive storytelling remains a central challenge for Australasian marketers.

So, what’s the trick?

The first step for marketers is to work out which assets to focus on and build equity in.

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