Many brands have attempted cultural manifestations. And failed. Norm Hill and Eugene Kara set out to change that with Hamilton Airport. Informed by an authentic cultural narrative, their work has raised the bar for cultural expression within the branding space.

From unpacking rich cultural symbolism to discussing the keys to building harmony between cultural aesthetic and brand identity, in this episode of Behind the Brand we have an in-depth discussion with the team behind the triumphant rebrand.

Understand the project’s unique requirements (1:47), discuss key narrative themes (3:35) and cultural symbolism(6:50), as well as dive into how it’s possible to bring a cultural narrative to life (18:00) through brand.

Anchored by positive cultural sentiments, the success of the Hamilton Airport rebrand is a testament to the power of informed design, a connection to community and authentic cultural storytelling.

Join Moensie Rossier as she talks with the award-winning team, including Cultural Leads Norm Hill and Eugene Kara, Group Customer Experience Manager from Hamilton Airport, Angela Beardsmore and Principals Creative Director, Jodine Bell.



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