Mass marketing is a thing of the past – or it should be at least. Younger audiences today are buying less into the generic. Instead they’re looking for colourful brands that live in their world. Brands that represent all types of lived experience and humanness. Brands that feel real.

It’s easier said than done – authenticity is hard to fake, after all.

So how do brands approach Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) in a way that goes beyond the tokenistic and superficial?

Inclusivity is about more than visual representations of age, race and sex. To be a truly diverse and inclusive brand means digging more deeply and being brave enough to elevate the individual and the unique.

How Principals can help

We’ve developed a strategic tool to help brands do just this. To start, we use a five day online community as a platform to explore the expectations of your different audiences. We then audit your communications to provide a diagnostic review of where you stand before recommending solutions that will help genuinely build I&D into your brand ID.

To talk about inclusion and diversity and your brand, please contact Mary Winter or Steve Main.