What comes next? It’s a question more of us have been asking, more often, over the past months.

At Principals, it’s one that often leads to Richard Watson. For over 20 years we’ve been like-minded soulmates with this talented futurist. A prolific author, infographic maestro, founder of the What’s Next global trends website and current member of the Technology Foresight Practice at Imperial College London, he has a rare ability to envisage tomorrow by interpreting today.

Currently in lockdown in the Sussex countryside, we asked Richard to help us to reflect on the Covid-19 crisis, what it tells us about the human condition and, of course, what may come next.

This short film is a very personal take on the current crisis. Some, or none of this may actually occur. At its heart is a hopeful plea for positive, lasting societal change that may yet flow from this global tragedy.

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