Any brand worth its salt has a brand idea but there’s an emerging trend to focus on a brand ideal that makes a genuine difference. Jodine Bell and Tom Sykes explain.

At the heart of modern-day brand strategy is the core principle of a brand idea.

A brand idea sums up what a brand is all about, what it stands for and why the brand exists.

Think Nike’s “Just do it”, Dove’s “Real beauty” or Apple’s “Think different.”

As branding professionals, we work with brands of all shapes and sizes to determine the core underlying idea that truly epitomises the purpose of the brand.

But every now and again, we come across a brand that is thinking beyond ideas. Instead, they are striving for a brand ideal.

Brand with ideals are, by their very nature, idealistic. They are looking to elevate their brand and purpose beyond commerce to make more than money. They want to make a difference.

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Jodine Bell is the Creative Director and Tom Sykes is the Strategy Director for Principals Aotearoa.

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