It’s been a busy few months for Principals, not least of all for our hiring department. We’re excited to add no less than six new faces to our team (and a few well-deserved promotions).

Alissa Dinham joined the Melbourne office as an Account Director in December, and as of March is now permanently on the books.

January saw digital veteran Simon Ly come on board as Digital Production Lead, while longstanding XXVI wordsmith Marty Zablocki was officially bumped up to Senior Writer.

The XXVI writing team also grew by one, with Ben Ashley joining the Melbourne office in February. That same month, career marketer Natasha Ramkissoon joined Principals as Employer Brand Consultant, and comms professional Bronwyn Hopkins as a Senior Account Manager.

Aimee Coleman jumped across to the experiential design wizards at AlphaLab, becoming full-time in the process. In Sydney, Design Director James Welch was also made permanent in February.

Bringing us to March, with Dee Mason coming across to help out as Senior UX Consultant. Cera O’Grady is moving up in the world with a promotion to Account Director. Finally, fearless Business Director Mat Hyde has continued his upward trajectory, now Head of Account Management.

With this combination of new talent and rewarding our own, it’s going to be an exciting new chapter – and we can’t wait.