Building wealth on good foundations.

To kick-start step-change growth and reinvigorate its member base, Australian industry super fund Local Government Super (LGS) needed to reposition itself to appeal to a broader range of members beyond public service.

Building on the organisation’s core strengths and community roots, Principals identified that LGS’s investment philosophy, “We believe responsible investing underpins strong performance,” was also fundamental to the brand positioning. While relative newcomers to responsible investing were very vocal in this space, LGS had been quietly proving the worth of its investment philosophy for over a decade. LGS first became a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment in 2007.

We developed the strategic brand idea, “Building wealth on good foundations,” which resonated strongly with LGS staff. This was the springboard for our brand voice team at XXVI to create a new name, Active Super, along with a vibrant new voice and writing principles to build a consistent customer experience.

The bold new visual identity “The clean green investing machine” was a real hit with customers in our online community research panel, exuding warm-hearted optimism. It ignited the transformation of LGS into a modern, mobile-first digital enterprise that’s innovative, while still remaining true to its heritage.

The exuberant and youthful new brand disrupts the category and appeals to generations of community-minded people, who see their success and sustainability as intertwined.