Making tomorrow’s solutions, today’s business.

TransGrid operates the electricity transmission system, powering communities across the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. TransGrid needed to create a market-facing brand for its competitive business unit, which provides infrastructure services, to better reflect its customers and the products and services it provides.

Amidst stiff competition, the new brand needed to stand out to attract customers – primarily renewable energy generators looking to connect to the grid. We set the foundations for a brand that would create opportunities and make extraordinary things happen for customers, no matter how ambitious or complex their needs. 

Principals developed a brand strategy for an enterprising, forward-thinking and customer-focused organisation, defining brand drivers, a customer value proposition and an organising brand idea, ‘making tomorrow’s solutions, today’s business.’ Principals’ brand voice agency XXVI developed a new name, LUMEA, and a new narrative. 

Our design direction reflects an organisation of pioneers, who make great ideas a viable reality. The colour palette and leaf design evoke the natural green power of renewable generators. The bold new LUMEA brand provides aspirational stretch to help an ambitious internal business unit evolve into a competitive and commercial powerhouse, playing a pivotal role in the energy transition to a greener future. 

LUMEA CEO Richard Lowe said: “The LUMEA brand positions us strongly to continue to expand our business, provide breakthrough infrastructure solutions to customers and commercialise new technology initiatives. We’re very proud of our new market-facing identity.”