Supremely Better.

Founded in New Zealand in the 80’s, Bean Supreme’s design system had been through several iterations and needed to be redefined once again in the face of some serious category competition and growth*. Despite being New Zealand’s #1 vegetarian brand, customer recall of the name, logo or wider identity system was extremely low. In fact, the brand was most commonly known as ‘the white pack’.

We began our engagement by defining a new strategy, including a tag-line and story to hero the brand’s name for the first time. Our design brief was then to give the brand a face-lift to entice a wide range of new flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan customers without loosing any die-hard fans. The resulting look and feel retains the iconic white pack and celebrates the ‘now’ with hands-on Instagramable food-shots that echo the brand’s ethos of real food made in a kitchen (not a lab) and ingredients you can recognise.

Customer testing sessions confirmed that customers old-and-new loved the new Bean Supreme and it’s inclusive themes of enjoying, sharing, caring, and eating our way to a world that’s supremely better for everyone.

*1 in 10 New Zealanders are now meat–free, growing 30% annually. (Source: Colmar Brunton Better Futures Report).