Giving hungry Kiwis a Fairgrow.

Urgent support is required across Aotearoa to help increase the supply of fresh, surplus and donated produce to Kiwis most in need.

Excess fruit and vegetables are often plentiful but there is no simple or efficient way to access and ‘gather the giving’ from the many growers around the country, for delivery. Equally, produce is sometimes left ‘unharvested’ – in the ground and on the trees – as there’s no market for it, presenting an incredible opportunity to tap into this and increase the amount donated.

Fairgrow, a charitable foundation created and run by T&G Fresh, aggregates and supplies donated fresh produce, working with the New Zealand Food Network to distribute it to hubs around Aotearoa. The T&G Fresh initiative unites growers across Aotearoa, making it easy to donate surplus fresh fruit and vegetables via Fairgrow’s online portal with T&G Fresh also donating produce to the program.

Working on a pro bono basis, Principals has created the Fairgrow brand including strategy, narrative and identity to bring it all to life (check out generously built by Tilt). Bright colours and lively illustrations give an energy to help encourage growers to give generously, and get the help message out across multiple channels and become a highly visible member of the charity sector.

Launch day December 3rd 2020! Check back soon for the full casestudy…

Fairgrow fresh surplus
Fairgrow box of veg
Fairgrow How it works
Fairgrow illustration