An identity for crops on Mars

After the success of their own brand development, Autogrow returned to us with their next challenge. They were bringing an exciting new offering to market; FarmRoad, a digital platform leading the way for farm productivity and the digital farmer. We were tasked with helping them articulate their story and creating a unique identity for FarmRoad that demonstrated the momentum of this global brand of the future.

Inspired by their story, and their courage, we worked through some of the key themes that set FarmRoad apart from its competitors. Our collaborative process delivered an identity that represents a combination of big data management and a holistic ‘birds eye view’ of farming. The logo celebrates layers of information while reflecting on the unintentional graphic beauty of agriculture – as seen from above. This was further expressed as an engaging animation, a striking light feature and a subtle background graphic, working alongside a unique ‘structure meets plants’ photographic style.

FarmRoad was launched at an agritech conference in San Francisco alongside leading global tech brands, and it’s been growing exponentially since then (much like the crops it analyses!)

Photography by Benjamin Davies and Tim Mossholder

FarmRoad logo
FarmRoad pullup banner
FarmRoad digital
FarmRoad image style
FarmRoad quote
FarmRoad applewatch