Working together to save an Australian icon.

Koalas are in big trouble

Habitat loss, life threatening diseases and rampant bushfires have pushed them to the brink of extinction. Without a collaborative survival strategy, supported by the best science and research, koala’s could disappear within our lifetime. The International Koala Centre for Excellence (IKCE) was founded by the Government of South Australia to tackle these challenges and ensure the future of the koala, Australia’s most loved animal.

A game-changer in survival science

Needing a brand to better support their cause, we created a strategy to establish them as the authority on survival science, spotlight the scale of the problem and expand their network. Designed a distinctive brand identity that illustrates the gravity of the situation. And crafted a trusted voice for good, with a tone and narrative that is clear, open and honest.

The “International Koala Centre for Excellence” name wasn’t quite cutting the Eucalyptus either. To give them the best chance at success, we gave them a new name. Koala Life lends a real sense of urgency to the cause. As well as a hint of optimism. And it’s pretty easy to remember too.

A golden opportunity

With a new brand behind them, the Koala Life team are helping to create a future where Australia’s most beloved national icon not only survives, but thrives.

Koala Life Launch.

You’ll find plenty of Koalas in the hills above Adelaide, but just twelve of them hold the key to the survival of their entire species.

These “Golden Children” are the only disease-free Koalas in the country, and the good folks at Cleland Wildlife Park plan to use their healthy genes to establish flourishing colonies right across Australia.

We were lucky enough to meet them in person when, on a beautiful autumn evening, around two hundred representatives from the government, European royal families, businesses, advocates, the wider community and their children came together for the launch of Koala Life.

After a quick tour of the park, the event began with a thoughtful and interactive smoking ceremony that honoured the Kaurna people and welcomed us all to country.

Next came speeches from the environment minister and the Koala Life team. The highlight being an emotional story by Janet Badgery that honoured the life of her grandmother Dorothy Wall, author and illustrator of Blinky Bill.

As the crowd (and a few opportunistic Potoroos) grazed on antipasto plates and drank wine from Koala Life branded wine glasses, we had a chance to catch up and chat with some of those involved in this brilliant project.

A silent auction got underway at this point too. Original Blinky Bill prints and a giant chocolate Koala – beautifully crafted by Silvio Apponyi – were among the items up for grabs. At the end of the night everything had been snapped up, raising much needed funds.

Then, as the sun sank behind the gum trees, we were all treated to the premiere of ‘Blinky Bill on the Loose’. A fun and spirited live performance that aims to educate younger generations about Australian wildlife, conservation and the environment.

For us, the launch of Koala Life was so much more than just an event, it was a real celebration. Not only of Koalas, but of the passionate, dedicated people who work tirelessly to ensure our national icon will thrive and survive for generations to come.

Take a look at some photos of the launch

From left: Professor Chris Daniels (CEO of Koala Life), The Principals team (Sandy Belford, Nick Ryan, Gareth Joe, Pip Ireland, Professor Chris Daniels and Tom Brigstocke), people mingling under the trees, and Koala Life branded glasses.