Food to awaken life!

Generational family business Venerdi has earned its place as one of New Zealand’s go-to brands for Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Paleo bread products. Instead of targeting only those with dietary requirements, their mission is to develop and locally produce great products that everyone can, and wants to, enjoy. In the words of CEO, Tim Grainger: “We’re here to sell products for what they are, not what they aren’t!”

Together we determined what lies at the heart of ‘what they really are’ – reaching the rallying call (and tag-line) ‘Food to Awaken Life’. From there, we developed an identity so full of life it abounds with energy and optimism.

In this bready-for-anything family focussed range, a bright colour palette and quirky hand-drawings illustrate the ‘anything is possible’ culture of innovation at Venerdi.

This playful energy even extends to the simplest of applications where lively typographic headlines dance alongside the Venerdi ‘V’ pattern — which, in case you were wondering … is the result of a fun afternoon of printmaking using real Venerdi bread for stamps!

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