One team. Multiple studios.

We are a multi-talented team of 80 across our Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth offices. Together, we’re an independent, partner-owned agency that’s spent the last 28 years thriving off strong relationships and outstanding work on both sides of the Tasman. We have a shared breadth of expertise that spans brand strategy, brand identity, voice, brand insights, brand experience, service design and innovation.

We tackle the big branding issues of our times and create brands that are distinctive, genuine, desired and socially engaged. We have been recognised regularly for the last eight years with awards at the international REBRAND™ Awards. We are now the most awarded brand agency in Asia Pacific. It’s something we’re extremely proud of.

We are strategists, planners, design thinkers, facilitators, account managers, designers, finished artists, animators, video artists, interpreters of technology, experience designers, writers and storytellers… We love a good laugh, coffee, chocolate, pickles, pop-corn, a hazy and a chin wag. We’ve worked with kids in Morocco, won A&P show art glory at age 11, helped get Helen Clark elected, danced with Salman Rushdie, love jigsaws, distil gin and used to have our own line of Lee Jeans in South Africa. We climb mountains, skydived 49 times, bike to work, live on Waiheke and have the largest collection of Timex watches in New Zealand. We’ve done burpees until we’ve fainted with Game of Thrones actors, had a member of the royal family jump on our bed, and once spoke Japanese.

Kate Murchison

General Manager

You may recognise Kate as the nuffy who split her beurre blanc sauce on Masterchef NZ. Rooky. These days, she’s more interested in cheese. And weekend, beach-side motorhoming. Her future goals include turning 70 so she can move into a retirement village. Resort-style living and activities for days. The dream.

Tom Sykes

Strategy Director

Tom once had his own line of Lee jeans. Now has the largest collection of Timex watches in New Zealand. His grasp of fashion however has barely moved beyond the black tee. He knows where to find the best cheese scone in Auckland. And is willing to part with that information for a glass of South African red.

Jodine Bell

Creative Director

Jodine is a creative director and practised her Italian with chickens because they couldn’t tell her how bad she was. Quit her job to wrangle small children in Morocco. Once stripped Sophie Dahl naked.

Aimee Coleman

Director, AlphaLab

Aimee wrote and self-published a novel. Her mum thinks it’s the best thing ever, but also thinks Aimee has the voice of an angel. She doesn’t. But she does have a black belt in karate. She once wrote in a bio like this that she could never be vegetarian. But now she is. Funny that.

Moensie Rossier

Strategy Director

Moensie loves talking about ideas. Thinks she’s learned as much from fiction as business books. Won Brand Strategist of the Year at Transform Awards ANZ. And her name? It’s easy to say if you happen to speak Dutch or Afrikaans.

Hamish Cargill

Director, XXVI

Hamish still struggles to correctly use ‘affect’ and ‘effect’. Has been a snow reporter. And a stuntman. Once woke to a member of the royal family jumping on his bed. Rode eventing horses professionally for 6 years. And still plans to compete at the Olympics.

Simon Wright

Executive Creative Director

Simon believes brand ideas can change the world, try and tell him otherwise. He loves simplicity, Star Trek, Duran Duran and Aston Villa. Communicate, communicate, communicate is his most used saying. He is rumoured to be sponsored by Paul Smith. And he once spent an afternoon in the Arizona desert in a Jacuzzi drinking beer with Boris Becker.

Tim Riches

Group Strategy Director

Tim is a pickle lover, sometime pickler and occasional smoker. Finds Zomato an invaluable antidote to restaurant indecision. He’s a small time gardener with a thing for bonsai and terrariums and a believer in the predictive power of science fiction.

Tui Horo

Group Operations Director

Tui used to race off-road rally cars (holding the map, not the wheel). Is a closet gaming nerd at home (competing with like-minded souls nationally). Dream of undertaking her own Grand Designs project. Loves her two dogs (will show photos).

Tom Brigstocke

Group CEO

Tom’s weekend relaxations include chopping wood and looking after cattle. He gets goosebumps from Elgar. Born in the USA. Still owns a Triumph 900 (his guilty pleasure). Dislikes tofu, likes steak tartare. And contends we have an apostrophe surplus.

Wayde Bull

Planning Director

Wayde worked on Margaret Thatcher’s re-election campaign (in short trousers). Has a collection of TinTin comics in mint condition. Runs long distances when his knees agree. Is a sucker for new apps, a good historic novel and West Wing repeats.

Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison

Account Manager

Ben distils his own gin, loves a burrito and will one day own a horse called Nigel. He learnt to ride a bike in Germany, to snowboard in Yorkshire and to Skydive in Seville. After extensive research, he’s confident he knows where to find NZ’s best pint of Guinness.

Etana Zaguri
Etana Zaguri


Etana was born on National Star Wars Day, so naturally hates Star Wars. Does enjoy lattes, Dire Straits, and piecing together a good jigsaw puzzle. Suffers from a crippling addiction to popcorn. Rumour is the secrets to her design skills are hidden in her hair, but no one knows for sure.

Ishika Patel

Account Executive

Ishika could eat crispy chicken on rice every day for the rest of her life. Or Kinder Beuno bars. A sucker for deep and meaningful conversation, she never lets a language barrier get in the way. No matter how animated (and theatrical) her hand gestures get. If her flight boards at 8pm, you’ll find her at the gate by 3:30pm. She’s not complaining though. More time to watch Friends.

Sunita Ramsey

Finance Executive

Sunita is a finance executive who loves chocolate. And Michael Jackson. Did she mention chocolate?

Mary Winter

Insights Director

Mary likes crocheting, spinning wool and having early morning coffee by the sea with retired farmers. A nature lover, she’ll gladly spend hours spying Goshawks above treetops and deeply envies a friend’s critically endangered species of black swamp gum. But let’s keep that between us.

Claire Gallagher

Internal Brand Director

Claire loves suprises (mostly), talking, Ireland and being a mum. Has a fear of fish. Danced with Salman Rushdie to ‘I Will Survive’.

Nick Ryan

Associate Director, XXVI

Nick is a writer who dreams of living in a tiny house one day, despite being 6’3". Once rode a brakeless bike around Portugal, wearing shorts and jandals. He has many passions outside of writing - including cryptozoology, 80s Rub-A-Dub, swimming in rivers, bioluminescence, wood fires, Spanish nights, and comfortable chairs.


Resident Puppy

Born in the UK, raised in Singapore, Hec migrated to Aotearoa New Zealand for the great outdoors. On the brand archetype scale Hec lies somewhere between ‘Everyman (dog)’ and ‘Caregiver’ demonstrating strong characteristics of loyalty, service and belonging. Needless to say his hobbies include eating and retrieving tennis balls.

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