Celebrating diversity.

They wanted a new brand strategy and brand identity for the City and the Council that positioned the city as a vibrant hub in the growing heart of the South West of Sydney. It had to embrace and communicate the many faces of Liverpool – its diversity, its vibrancy, its youthfulness and especially its role as the focus for growth in the South West.

First of all, it was vital that all of Liverpool’s stakeholders (Business Chamber, the TAFE, Liverpool Hospital, the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research, the Powerhouse Museum, community representatives- and many more) were engaged and involved in the process of change and were consulted at every stage of the project. This was critical to the success of the project.

We created a new positioning, ’The Great South West’ that symbolised the ambition and their claim to be the capital of the growing South West region of Sydney. The identity was a major departure from the way councils present themselves. It’s bright, colourful and it shouts Liverpool’s ambition from the rooftops.

The new brand identity now plays a major role in the growth for the city. It’s building pride in the City amongst residents and businesses like.