Expressing a distinctive personality in professional services

130-year-old engineering business, Harrison Grierson, are a long-standing player in the New Zealand engineering industry. And even though everyone at HG knows they’re a fantastic place to work, they constantly need to drive recruitment, at every level. Interns and graduates in particular are bombarded with messaging and information from engineering firms all over New Zealand when they look for their first steps into the industry. So, HG are competing for attention against much bigger players, with bigger marketing and recruitment budgets. They needed something different to drive their intern and graduate recruitment for 2019, something that would make them stand out and be noticed.

Talking to current interns and grads helped us build up a picture of life at HG, and what made them want to get up and come to work each day. We partnered with a popular New Zealand artist, Allan Wrath, to help visualise what it meant to be an employee at HG, and this became the heart of the campaign. The custom illustration was combined with HG’s eye-catching secondary colour palette, and topped off with a unique tone of voice to talk to this younger generation of the workforce. The result was a highly engaging campaign that was unlike anything else in graduate and intern recruitment for engineering here in New Zealand. And the interns and grads can’t help but take notice. You can check it out at

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