Brands are making the big push toward the new year and unleashing a range of festivity focused advertising. But between semiotics, nostalgia, symbolism and messaging — getting it right can be a delicate art. In this spirited episode, Moensie Rossier speaks with Mary Winter and Tim Riches about how brands can successfully connect with audiences during the festive season.

Unlike the Brits, Australians don’t have a John Lewis ad to give us the warm and fuzzies. Instead, we have the yearly Christmas bout between supermarket heavy-weights Coles and Woolies. But behind the expensive and usually elaborate campaigns, there’s something deeper going on. Something that aims to collectively tug at our heartstrings and, hopefully, our wallets too.

Listen to what Mary and Tim think about what makes for a successfully festive campaign, and importantly, which of our supermarket titans won Christmas 2022.