A region’s competitive advantage.

Home to more than half of New Zealand’s population, Waikato is a powerhouse contributor to the nation’s economy and a place of incredible richness and diversity.

We learned that those who live in Waikato have a positive perception. This is a view that we want shared nationally and internationally, to encourage more visitors, more families, more students, and more business investment in the region.

To arrive at the Waikato Story, we led a series of workshops that involved around 400 people from a wide range of backgrounds – from farmers and philanthropists, to industry leaders and Local Government representatives. Our goal? To establish a set of story values, a set of personality traits, and a short story for the Waikato region.

Today, Waikato’s website and video express this story. Forming the backbone for a set of assets, it is designed for exporters and New Zealanders who wish to share the story of the ‘Mighty Waikato’ as part of their own to the world.