Brand Positioning Insights

As specialists in brand related research, we understand how to find the subtle truths and big insights that inform brand positioning. It’s important to uncover the rich reality that informs the way consumers navigate the brand universe. We use a range of methodologies and techniques such as ethnographic immersions, group labs, online self-ethnography and creative projective techniques to map the mental and emotional landscape that a brand inhabits.

Brand Personality Insights

Ethnography, semiotics and secondary data analysis to help us uncover the cultural truths that underpin deep relationships with brands. Understanding the bigger picture of life provides context for the relationship consumers forge with brands and guides our thinking on how to make them come to life in their hearts as well as their minds.

Brand Voice Insights

We believe in a collective approach to voice and message optimisation, embracing co-creation approaches that mean we work with those people who we seek to inform and influence through tone of voice. Our researchers understand that tone of voice is a subtle power that needs to be crafted through dynamic interpersonal exchanges, challenging people to articulate and emotionally engage with the way a brand speaks.

Brand Experience Insights

We believe quality insights are the fuel for excellence in experience design, and indeed human centred design of all types. We believe in research approaches like ethnographic immersions, shop-a-longs, consumer missions and ethnographic diaries that help us bring people’s genuine real-world needs, behaviours and jobs to be done to life. Understanding the nuances of customer journeys informs the brand relationships people develop when they interact with brand touchpoints.

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