Put your hands together, we’re celebrating seven of our wonderful clients who recently won design awards. And we couldn’t be more proud of our work together.

We’re thrilled to announce that Active Super, Lumea, NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and Sydney Symphony Orchestra all won silver awards for our rebranding work. And we’re equally proud to announce that Toyota Finance Australia, Australian Red Cross and JBWere also won silver awards for our brand refresh work together.

We turned tomorrow’s solutions into today’s business with a new brand identity for Lumea, evoking the natural green power of renewable generators. We built wealth on good foundations with Active Super, creating a bold new visual identity to disrupt the category. We became naturally influential with EPA, reflecting their ambitious plans with a new look and feel. And we captured the emotional punch of classical music with a new brand identity for Sydney

Armed with a renewed vision, mission and purpose, we brought confidence and clarity to Toyota Finance Australia’s brand, empowering them to lead the market forward. Celebrating the unique homegrown heritage and values of JBWere, we breathed vibrancy and visual storytelling into their brand. And we set out to activate the humanitarian in everyone with a new modern, minimal and stripped back design for Australian Red Cross.

Congratulations to the magnificent seven and our talented team!